Saturday, December 19, 2015

Adventure Into My Past

In December, 2015, I made a road trip to Ann Arbor to attend the Bat Mitzvah of Eleanor Mills, who is currently living in my birth home at 1339 White St. I made friends with the Mills family several years ago when--thanks to social media--they contacted me and told me they were the current occupants of my original birth home. Apparently, the last person living on the block where I grew up and resided until 1963 provided the Mills family with an Ann Arbor News article from the early 1960s about the musical Graf family which included a picture of me and my parents, Otto and Sarah. My subsequent correspondence with Sari Mills resulted in my visit to 1339 White and a tour of the house several years ago. This walk-through was an amazing trip into the past for me and a wonderful confirmation of continuities in my life, which I will always treasure.

Some months ago, I received a message from Sari Mills informing me that flute sounds were again resounding at 1339 White, because her 12-year old daughter, Eleanor, was playing the flute. She then invited me to attend Eleanor's Bat Mitzvah celebration in Ann Arbor. It was my pleasure to attend the ceremony at which Eleanor performed beautifully. I felt warmly-welcomed by the Mills family at the after-party and thoroughly enjoyed our repartee.

This is the type of experience that makes life worthwhile for me. I shall never forget it.

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